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@Tue Feb 20 14:00:02 2018
Marvel Cinematic Universe Has a CGI Problem
Apple Updates All of Its Operating Systems To Fix App-crashing Bug
Sony May Launch an AI-powered Taxi Hailing System
Ocean-wide Sensor Array Provides New Look at Global Ocean Current
Chrome 64 Now Trims Messy Links When You Share Them
Microsoft Finally Documents the Limitations of Windows 10 on ARM
How UPS Delivers Faster Using $8 Headphones and Code That Decides When Dirty Trucks Get Cleaned
Vietnam's Internet is in Trouble
Flight Sim Company Embeds Malware To Steal Pirates' Passwords
Virgin Hyperloop One is Coming To India
Microsoft Stops Pushing Notifications To Windows 7 and 8 Phones
Mitsubishi Electric Believes Its AI-enhanced Camera Systems Will Make Mirrors on Cars Obsolete
Man, Seeking New Copy of Windows 7 After Forced Windows 10 Upgrade, Sues Microsoft
Humanity's Biggest Machines Will Be Built in Space
Scientists Grow Sheep Embryos Containing Human Cells
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