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@Mon Oct 21 18:00:02 2019
Popular VPN Service NordVPN Says it Was Hacked
Venezuela's Water System is Collapsing
Researchers Tricked Google Home and Alexa Into Eavesdropping and Password Phishing
Teenagers Are Easily Bypassing Apple's Parental Controls
40% Of America's Schools Have Now Dropped Their SAT/ACT Testing Requirement
Is AT&T Hiding A Widespread Voicemail Outage?
CNBC: Amazon Is Shipping Expired Food
Project Trident Ditches BSD For Linux
Privacy-Respecting Smart Home System Can Work Offline and Sends Fake Data
WAV Audio Files Are Now Being Used To Hide Malicious Code
Mozilla is Sharing YouTube Horror Stories To Prod Google For More Transparency
'How I Compiled My Own SPARC CPU In a Cheap FPGA Board'
Mathematician Solves 48-Year-Old Problem, Finds New Way To Multiply
Vandal Who Keyed A Tesla Discovers That It Filmed Him
Facebook Forges Ahead With Libra Despite Some Major Setbacks
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