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@Tue Feb 21 19:30:03 2017
GlobalSign Supports Billions of Device Identities In an Effort To Secure the IoT
University Offers Course To Help Sniff Out and Refute 'Bullshit'
Microsoft Confirms Another 2017 Update After Windows 10 Creators Update
TransferWise Launches International Money Transfers Via Facebook
China's Millennials Are Hustling For Part-Time Gigs Instead of Traditional Jobs
Gemalto Launches eSIM Technology for Windows 10 Devices
Verizon Revises Its Deal With Yahoo, Reduces Price Of Acquisition By $350M
How is The New York Times Really Doing?
New Zealand May Be the Tip of a Submerged Continent
Why Astronauts Are Banned From Getting Drunk in Space
Apple Files 14-Point Appeal Against European Commission's $14 Billion Tax Edict
EU Privacy Watchdogs Say Windows 10 Settings Still Raise Concerns
Amazon Quietly Lowered Its Free Shipping Minimum to $35
Of Course Facebook Is Putting a Snapchat Clone Inside WhatsApp
The Death of the Click
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