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@Sat Dec 16 00:30:03 2017
Facebook Admits that Some Social Media Use Can Be Harmful
Coinbase Wants Wall Street To Resolve Its Bitcoin Trust Issues
ISPs Won't Promise To Treat All Traffic Equally After Net Neutrality
NVIDIA Titan V Benchmarks Show Volta GPU Compute, Mining and Gaming Strength
Norway Becomes First Country To Switch Off FM Radio
Canadian Cellphone Bills Are Some of the Highest In the World, Says Report
Lock Out: the Austrian Hotel That Was Hacked Four Times
Feds Moving Quickly To Cash in on Seized Bitcoin, Now Worth $8.4 Million
China's Top Phone Makers Huawei and Xiaomi In Talks With Carriers To Expand To US Market
One of Australia's Richest Men Lost $1 Million To Email Scam
Contact Lens Startup Hubble Sold Lenses With a Fake Prescription From a Made-up Doctor
Microsoft Considers Adding Python As an Official Scripting Language in Excel
Google Is Using Light Beam Tech To Connect Rural India To the Internet
Samsung Targets First Half of 2018 for Smart Speaker
Motherboard and VICE Are Building a Community Internet Network
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