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@Sun Aug 18 13:30:02 2019
'I Want a Super-Smart Chair!'
Intel Patches Three High-Severity Vulnerabilities
Three Years Later, France's Solar Road is a Flop
YouTube's Algorithms Blamed For Brazil's Dangerous Conspiracy Video-Sharing on WhatsApp
Elon Musk Begins Selling $25 'Nuke Mars' T-Shirts
US Navy Tests WWII-ERA Messaging Tech: Dropping Bean Bags Onto Ships
Can JPEG XL Become the Next Free and Open Image Format?
Google Criticized For Vulnerability That Can Trick Its AI Into Deactivating Accounts
Dreams of Offshore Servers Haunt The Ocean-Based Micronation of 'Sealand'
'Futurefon' Crowdfunded on Indiegogo Was Part Of a Multimillion-dollar Scam
June Windows Security Patch Broke Many EMF Files
Windows Update To Fix Critical 'Wormable' Flaws May Break VB Apps
'Mining Bitcoin On a 1983 Apple II: a Highly Impractical Guide'
Chrome and Firefox Changes Spark the End of 'Extended Validation' Certificates
US Set To Give Huawei Another 90 Days To Buy From American Suppliers
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