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@Mon Dec 16 14:30:02 2019
Will China Export Its Surveillance Technology?
Boeing May Suspend Production of Their 737 Max Aircraft
LucasFilm President Answers The Burning 'Star Wars' Question: What's Next?
FBI Busts Massive Pirate Streaming Service With More Content Than Netflix
Are California's Utilities Undermining Rooftop Solar Installations?
ICANN Delays .Org Sale Approval, Calls For More Transparency
America's Air Force Seeks Commercial Technologies For 'Space Domain Awareness'
Arizona Man Sues State Agency Over Right To Call Himself an Engineer
Is Microsoft's Chromium Edge Browser Better Than Firefox and Chrome?
WebAssembly Becomes W3C Standard, Reaches 1.0
Google Halts Chrome 79 Rollout After It Breaks Some Android Apps
'Maximum PC' Magazine Accurately Predicted Apple TV-Like Devices In 2001
America's FCC Votes Unanimously To Divide 'Safety Spectrum' Into Wifi and Auto Applications
Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay To Subscribe To YouTube?
Vim Releases 'Killersheep' Game To Demo Two New Features In Vim 8.2
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